Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Palm Beach Vending Machines at my business, office or any other facility?

If you need a vending machine for your business, school, office or other facilities you need to start by visiting our home page On this web page, you will be able to order a vending machine by either calling us or sending us an email. We will deliver stock your vending machine upon agreement.

Will I make money by having Vending Machines at my premises?

Palm Beach Vending Machines is known for paying the best commissions all around. With our vending machines, you will be able to earn commissions ranging from 10 to 50%.

Who will be filling the vending machine once it becomes empty?

Palm Beach Vending Machines offers all vending machine services. We do not only supply high quality vending machines but we also stock and offer maintenance services for all vending machines that we supply.

Who will be the owner of the vending machines?

Unless you buy the vending machines from us, all the machines will be our property.

What kind of vending machines can you install for me on my premises?

Palm Beach Vending Machines offers all types of vending machines to ensure that they serve all beverage, snacks, and food that people need. The most popular machines that we deal with includes

-Coffee Vending Machines

-Snacks Vending Machines

-Energy Drinks Vending Machines

-Kosher machines

-Soda and cold Drinks vending machines as well as

-Food Vending Machines

If you need a vending machine that sells products of your choice, we can supply you with a customized vending machine that meet your specific on your requirements.

Who repairs the vending machine if it breaks?

We are a full service vending company, we will fix your machine if it breaks. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will come and fix the problem in no time.

When does the vending machine require being serviced or filled?

Filling and servicing of the vending machine depends on several factors which include frequency of use and location as well. We usually service and fill vending machines 4 to 8 times/month at locations that have huge sales. However, there is no filling or servicing limit since we are always dedicated to ensuring that your machine is well stocked at all times.

Do you provide kosher for vending machines?

One of the major Palm Beach Vending Machines company departments is to provide high-quality kosher services. In addition to filling and servicing the vending machines, we also provide kosher for vending machines that we install in the Palm Beach area.

What areas of Palm Beach do you serve?

Palm Beach Vending Machines offer vending services in many areas including West Palm Beach, Broward County, and Dade County as well. Wherever our services are needed we ensure that we extend our services there.

How much time do I have to give you before I can receive my order?

At Palm Beach Vending Machines we like to make this to run as smooth as possible, but we prefer a one week notice prior to delivery. However, we can also deliver in less than a week depending on the urgency.